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Engine Repair - Warranty - Trade in - Used engines purchase

Engine break in service

We have all experienced at some time or another a problem with an engine that just will not start or stay running. This needless to say can get you ruffled, which leads to frustration and negative comments to all of your buddies about a particular mfg. of engines.

Let me help! If you have reached the end of your rope and want to throw the engine in the trash! Or return to whomever that you purchased it from and give them an ear full! "STOP"!. Send the engine to me and let me get her going. I service and do warranty repair work on all the engines that I sell on the website, I stock most parts for various engine lines. CRRC, DLA, RCGF, DLE, PTE, and the list goes on. If I don’t have the parts I have very quick turnaround time on getting the parts I may need!

I don’t care if you purchased from one of my fellow cohorts or if purchase on EBay!

My Basic labor rates are $50 depending on type and size, how many cylinders, etc. etc.

Parts prices depending on what part/parts are needed. I would call/email you before any work would start and give you total breakdown / quote.

* I do buy used engines as well! NO JUNK! Let me know what you have or like to trade up for?

*I take trade-ins. If you have an engine that you no longer use or need, I will offer a trade in service towards a new engine! Prices are negotiable depending on what you have and what you want to trade-in for?

Call me or send me an e-mail to discuss in more detail!

Comments about warranty/promises/claims/pricing

from other so called dealers

Ibcinyourc offers many products, engines to be more specific and the subject of below comments/statements. Issues/aggravations that continue to arise. Claims/factory/warranty issues/other dealer claims-promises/pricing.

Point #1 Economic 101

As in any company profit margins is vitally important, what business would continue to grow and prosper without a healthy bottom line?

Point #2 Other so called dealers

As we are all aware that when a new product hits the market especially in the r/c world everyone has inquiries which is a good thing. Competition controls pricing! Which also is a good thing! Dealers want to jump in and start offering this product. All of this is good for the r/c consumer. The "PROBLEM" are when dealers because of many driving factors resort to low balling mfg. retail pricing, MAP. Try doing that with many well-known suppliers and see how long it takes them to cut you off! You see these tactics in many ways shapes and forms, "special deals today only". "Click to shopping cart to see price", many, many, forms of these tactics. Some dealers slash prices to the bone and then on top of this make promises that simply cannot be fulfilled. FREE 2-3 year warranty is the best one! Ask yourself this question? Why would any reputable dealer want to slash price to the bone and make little to NO profit and then offer a (free) warranty beyond the standard factory warranty? Do you really believe they will give support to these claims/promises down the road? If you do then I have an Island in the Caribbean that I can sell you. In all seriousness warranty does have a cost associated with the product offered. What really amazes me is people buy into/believe these bogus claims/promises.

Point # 3 Sound too good to be true!

The old saying holds true, If it sounds to good to be true it probably is, you get what you pay for. Investigate as best you can about whom you’re doing business with! Call them! Email them! Word travels fast in this business, especially negative words or comments. Ibcinyourc has been in business for 11+ years and our goal is to remain in business and in order to do so not give into pressures of the market place, nor cater to the tactics of other so called dealers making bogus promises. They not only hurt themselves but the market place, not to mention selling the customer (you) short! The problems might not exist right at this moment, but just wait time will tell. (Cause and effect) Then the next thing you know is this dealer is NO longer in business and your left holding the cards. (Bogus warranty/promises/claims/pricing)

Mike Williams


St. Louis, Missouri



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