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Ibcinyou r/c > Power Systems Booma RC / Smart Fly > Booma RC Products > Booma XS POWER Ion/Lion 6400 mAh (2x2 cell) pack


Booma XS POWER Ion/Lion 6400 mAh (2x2 cell) pack

XS Power Lion receiver packs. Tuff rugged and reliable, the perfect scale model battery and also ready for high current high energy maneuvers.

Our flight packs have been in ongoing development for 10 years and are trusted by the best pilots on the planet as the heart of their power system for numerous first place wins in GS Scale, Turbines, Warbirds, IMAC and GS soaring models costing upwards to $20,000.

From the years of success with our Booma RC self balancing range of receiver batteries we are proud to announce the Advanced Radio XS Power range of Lion receiver packs.

Available in a range of sizes, the XS Power Lion range covers packs from 3200mAh, 6400mAh flat Pack and 6400mAh square pack. This range of sizes offer maximum flexibility for a wide range of uses. Giving you the perfect battery for your model.

The all new XS POWER 6400mAh range of Lion flight packs come with higher capacity and can deliver a massive 20A continuous current per pack. High current means bigger wires and we have some of the best. The XS Power Range comes standard with 14AWG wire for high powered models and 20AWG with JR connector for charging and secondary powering.

Optional Self Balancing

If you need to mount your packs deep inside the model, have a I-Charger or simply don't want the hassle of connecting a balance lead then you can choose the optional self balancing circuit. You then simply plug the cell balancing lead into the self balancing circuit and you are ready to go.

When in comes to connecting to your favorite power bus we have you covered. If you need to convert the ultra connector to your favorite connector requirement just add the adapters from the selection below.


High C Rated packs
Ultra safe chemistry
Light weight
Stardard with JST-XH balance plug
Pre-soldered reciever plug JR and Deans Ultra connectors
Optional self balancing circuit or traditional balance lead.
Trusted and proven quality

Chemistry - Lithium Iron (Lion)
Nominal Voltage - 7.4V
Maximum Current - 20A
Weight - 195g
Capacity > 6400mAh.
Charge Voltage per cell 4.2 0.05V
Absolute Minimum Discharge Voltage 3.0V
Maximum Charge Voltage 8.4V
Recommended Continuous Charge Current (0.5 to 1C)
Charge Temperate Range - 0C to 45C
Discharge Temperate Range - 0C to 60C
- Dimensions (mm) 72 x 67 x 44
- Dimensions (inches) 2.85 x 2.63 x 1.76

Image 0 of Booma XS POWER Ion/Lion 6400 mAh (2x2 cell) pack

Image 1 of Booma XS POWER Ion/Lion 6400 mAh (2x2 cell) pack



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