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Autel robotics Evo orange

The Evolution of flight has arrived. EVO is a compact folding unit designed to go wherever your adventure takes you. Equipped on the front EVO offers a powerful camera on a 3-axis stabilize gimbal that records video at 4k resolution up to 60 frames per second and a recording speed up to 100mbps in an H.264 or H.265 codec. Using real-glass optics EVO captures stunning photos at 12 megapixels with a wide dynamic range for more details and color. Integrated advanced computer vision systems provide forward obstacle avoidance, rear obstacle detection and bottom sensors for more accurate landings and stable indoor flights. EVO boasts flight times up to 30 minutes with a range of 4.3 miles (7KM). Additionally, EVO offers failsafe features letting you know when the battery is low and it's time to return to home.

EVO includes a remote controller which houses a 3.3-inch OLED screen providing you with critical flight information or a live 720p HD video feed letting you see the camera view without the need for a mobile device.

Download the free Autel Explorer app available for Apple iOS or Android devices and connect to the remote controller and gain access to more advanced settings and autonomous flight features like Dynamic Track, Viewpoint, Orbit, VR first person view and Waypoint mission planning.

NOTE: My personal interjections - thoughts. The Autel Evo is equivalent to the Mavic pro 2 zoom. But surpasses the mavic 2 zoom with the Evo's K4 @ 60 frames per second, mavic does 4K at 30 frames. The Evo DOES have an x8 optical zoom feature, for the life of me cannot figure out why its not listed in product description? Easy to access this zoom feature using your phone or tablet. There are many youtube videos you can search/find showing this zoom in action for the Evo.

What's in the box:
EVO aircraft
Remote Controller
Power Cable
Micro-USB Cable
USB-C Cable
Intelligent battery with 30 minutes of flight time per charge
Propellers (3 total pairs)
32-GB MicroSD card to record 1-hour of 4K video
Technical Specifications
Hover Precision GPS Ultrasonic IMU: Horizontal: 1.5m, Vertical: 0.2m;
Vision+IMU: Horizontal: 0.1m, Vertical: 0.1m
Max. Yaw Rate 200 dps
Max. Inclination Angle 35
Max. Ascent/Descent Speed Ascent: 5m/s Descent: 3m/s
Max. Horizontal Speed 20 m/s (44.7mph)
Diagonal Wheelbase 338 mm
Propeller Size 8.3" x 2.9"
Video Link Frequency 2.4GHz 2.4835GHz
Receiver Frequency 2.4GHz 2.4835GHz
Flight Modes GPS - ATTI - SPORT
Operating Environment Temperature 32 F 104 F (0 C 40 C)
Storage Temperature -10C 40C (14F 104F)
Weight (Battery & Propellers included) 863g (1.90lbs)
Operating Environment Temp. 0C 40C (32F 104F)
Still Photography Modes Single shot
Burst shooting
Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) Time-lapse
Video Recording Modes Normal - Picture In Video (PIV)
Max Frame Rates 4K60, 2.7K60, 1080p120, 720p240
Max Field of View 94
Supported SD Card Types Micro-SD, 4 GB - 128 GB, Class 10 or UHS-3
File Formats FAT32/exFAT, Photo: JPG/DNG/JPG+DNG, Video: MOV/MP4 H.264 or H.265
Aircraft Battery
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery
Capacity 4300 mAh
Battery Voltage Charging 11.4 V
Charging Environment Temperature 10C 45C (50F 113F)
Discharging Environment Temperature -20C 60C (-4F 140F)
Storage Temperature & Humidity Temp: -10C 40C (14F 104F) Humidity: 65 20%RH
Flight Time Up to 30 minutes
Remote Controller
OLED Screen Brightness 330 nits
Max Operating Time 3 hours
RF Receiver Operating Frequency 2.4GHz 2.4835GHz
Video Link Frequency 2.4GHz 2.4835GHz
Operating Temperature 0C 40C (32F 104F)
Storage Temperature 1 year: -20C 25C(-4F 77F)
3 months: -20C 45C(-4F 113F)
Max Control and Video Transmission Distance 7km (4.3miles)
Transmission Power (EIRP) FCC: <=26 dBm CE: <=20 dBm
Operating Current/Voltage 2A @ 3.6V
Battery 6700mAH
Power Consumption 7.2W
Weight (battery included) 370g (0.81lbs)

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