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Ibcinyou r/c > Accessories > Switches/Regs/Filter/Fuel Dot > MPI Dual Battery Backer System


MPI Dual Battery Backer System

FT1002 2Pac Dual Battery System

The 2Pac Battery Backer allows you to use two battery packs and two switches to provide Dual-Redundant security to your airborne system."2 PAC Battery Backer" STD 20 AWG Universal Connectors / Wiring

Dual battery sharing system. (Similar to Smart-Fly Batt Share system)

Draws evenly on both packs, or runs off single pack if you have a battery failure.
Great redundancy for your aircraft.
Light weight, Reliable
Low forward voltage drop (only 600mV @ 20 amps),
Input voltage range - 3 to 28 VDC,
Auto Selects pack with highest voltage,
Built in noise canceling circuit >100db,
Small size (smallest in market class),
22 GA Heavy duty wires,
Li-Po/Li-Ion/Ni-Mh/Ni-Cad Operation,
Increased Voltage out compared to other devices
Increased Servo Speed!

Image 0 of MPI Dual Battery Backer System

Image 1 of MPI Dual Battery Backer System



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