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Booma RC Smart Bus Elite with Optical Ignition

Quick overview
Smart Bus Elite with Optical Ignition
The Smart Bus is the complete power expansion system designed for the pilot who does not need servo voltage regulation. It comes with 12 inputs, 26 Outputs, active dual battery redundant, power distribution, battery monitoring, multi-point servo matching and a flight timer. Supplied with a vibrant 2.5 inch color screen to monitor and program all these features. With Remote switching or Pin switching option

Sub-trim and reverse on all major outputs

Ever spent hours, mechanically matching servos and never being able to get them just right or had to use a separate channel on your receiver, just to reverse a servo. With our intuitive and simple setup you can easily sub-trim at the centre and end-points of all your major outputs. Using Smart Bus you can individually reverse your servos at a touch of a button.

12 inputs and 26 outputs.
Looking at that next big project and wondering how you're going to power all those servos, if you have enough channels on a receiver to power servos, retracts, flaps, brakes, ailerons, dual rudders, dual turbines or engines. With 26 outputs and up to 12 inputs, your system will always have more than enough outputs.

Vibrant colour touch screen display.
Gone are the days of fiddly buttons and frustrations, no more bind plugs and small screw drivers needed. The vibrant Smart Display gives you feedback and simple programming all in one touch screen display. With intuitive buttons and a single setup design. Your model will be in the air before you know it.

Dual battery redundancy, power management you can trust.
Ever wondered how many flights you have left before a charge, what about the health of your packs. Ensure that your model is safe and ready to fly with our dual battery redundancy technology. Using perfect diode technology, we link the batteries together, giving your model a powerful system capable of more flights before a recharge and with the addition of the Smart Screen you can directly monitor the voltage and milliamps used from you batteries. Models are expensive, ensure yours is in good condition to fly.

Now you have a choice of dual switching options.

Remote Fail Safe Power Switching. We all fly our models via remote control so why not power your model on and off remotely as well! Is it possible to accidentally switch my model off? The Advanced Radio fail safe Remote Switch system uses our propriety combination switching system and operates for a range of only 30 feet so you can rest at ease that you will not power off your model accidentally.

Pin and Flag Fail Safe Power Switching. If you prefer the traditional method of switching then rest at ease Advanced Radio still offers the tried and proved fail safe method of switching.

* Works with single or dual battery configuration.
* Works with all battery chemistries. LiFe. LiPo, Lion, NiMh, NiCD.
* Full Dual Battery Redundancy - If one battery fails the other battery takes full control.
* 2 x 100 amp independent circuits.
* Screen 2.4inch diagonal touch screen with 64k colour
* Screen case dimensions 3.4 x 2.0 x 0.5 inches (86 x 50 x 12)mm
* Smart Bus dimensions 4.2 x 3.0 x 0.9 inches (107 x 78 x 23)mm
*Vibrant Colour touch Screen
*Multi-match technology
*Includes optical ignition

Image 0 of Booma RC Smart Bus Elite with Optical Ignition

Image 1 of Booma RC Smart Bus Elite with Optical Ignition

Image 2 of Booma RC Smart Bus Elite with Optical Ignition

Image 3 of Booma RC Smart Bus Elite with Optical Ignition

Image 4 of Booma RC Smart Bus Elite with Optical Ignition

Image 5 of Booma RC Smart Bus Elite with Optical Ignition



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