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Booma RC Remote FOB Switch EC3 In JR Out

Remote FOB Switch EC3 In JR Out

The next generation of switch technology has arrived.

The Remote Fob Switch allows effortless switching with battery backer technology and fail safe switching all in one convenient hidden switch.

Simple, sleek, slim

No longer do you need to cut wholes in your model and mount big bulky switches on the side. The Remote FOB switch is an internal switch with a remote receiver on-board. Using the quad button FOB switch you can simply and easily switch your model on and off. No need to bend over and fiddle around with mechanical switches. The Remote Fob switch solves all these issues.

Intelligent Battery Backer technology:

The remote Fob switch has our innovative battery backer technology onboard, giving you dual battery redundancy with every flight. The switch intelligence monitors both RX batteries, drawing power for the one with the most charge.

Fail Safe Design

The circuitry inside the remote backer Switch is designed to fail safe into the ON position so if power is temporarily disconnected or an open circuit happens then battery backer switch will supply all availble power so you can bring your expensive model home.

It works with your system

With our huge range of input and output options, the remote Fob Switch can be used with any battery and any receiver system on the market. Simply plug the switch between your batteries and your RX or power system. giving you effortless switching with any combination.

Works seamlessly with the following products:

* Advanced Radio IM22 and IM14.

* Advanced Radio power expanders.

* All Power Box Systems power expanders.

* Smart Fly power expanders.

* Emcomtec power expanders.

* All Futaba Receivers.

* All JR Receivers.

* All Jeti Receivers.

* All Graupner Receivers.

* All HiTec Receivers.

* All Spektrum Receivers including power safe receivers.

Image 0 of Booma RC Remote FOB Switch EC3 In JR Out

Image 1 of Booma RC Remote FOB Switch EC3 In JR Out

Image 2 of Booma RC Remote FOB Switch EC3 In JR Out

Image 3 of Booma RC Remote FOB Switch EC3 In JR Out



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