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Power Vision PowerEgg revolutionary drone design


PowerEgg UAV with Maestro
Unwrap a flying camera like no other with PowerVision's PowerEgg,
the most intuitive consumer drone. With professional technology
packed within a unique exterior, it's the perfect alliance between form
and function.
The PowerEgg package combines an innovative and compact design
with an industry-leading Maestro gesture-based controller. The vehicle
is easy to transport and takes flight with the push of a button, so both
enthusiasts and first-time drone owners can enjoy the technology.
Its integrated 4K UHD camera on a 3-axis gimbal produces
professional-grade photographs and video. Whether you are biking,
hiking, or relaxing with friends and family, PowerEgg is a one-of-a-kind
flying camera that will capture these special moments from new heights.


Revolutionary design, feature-rich and intuitive with a unique egg-shaped exterior.
The PowerEgg Maestro, a gesture-based one-handed controller with motion-sensing capabilities, allows users to interact with and manipulate the drone in flight. Through integrated accelerometers and gyroscopes, users can control up-down, left-right, and near-far motions
Explore from a distance with real-time HD video transmission of up to approximately 3.1 miles
360 panoramic 4K UHD camera on a 3-axis gimbal captures stabilized, unobstructed aerial views
Included accessories: PowerEgg Remote Control, PowerEgg Base Station, PowerEgg Smart Battery, PowerEgg Charger, PowerEgg Maestro Controller, PowerEgg Stand

Weight 2,100 g (4.6 lb) (Battery and propellers included)
Max Flight Time Approx. 23 min
Max Ascent Speed 5 m/s (Professional mode)
Power 265 W (Hover) 450 W (Max)
Product: 20W x 11.5H x 14D, Weight with battery 6lbs
Packaging: 13W x 8.5H x 13D, Weight 13lbs

The PowerEgg from Power Vision is more than just a drone: It is a centerpiece. When not in flight, the craft transforms into a nearly seamless egg shape that rests in an included stand for prominent display. It features the Maestro, a gesture-based controller designed to give users an intuitive, easy-to-learn flying experience. As an alternative, it also comes with a traditional "transmitter"-style controller with dual sticks for conventional RC piloting. However you choose to fly, you will be able to record the experience with a built-in 14MP photo / UHD 4K video camera with 3-axis gimbal.
Folding Design
The PowerEgg's prop arms fold flush against the body for a sleek appearance that is an excellent complement to modern decor. With the included stand, you can put the PowerEgg proudly on display
Maestro Controller
Fly with gestures using the included Maestro controller. For a more traditionally RC flying experience, a joystick-style transmitter also comes in the box. It can be controlled from distances of up to 3.1 miles (line-of-sight)
Gimbal Camera
The PowerEgg features a 14MP, 3-axis gimbal stabilized camera that is revealed underneath. The camera can take DNG or JPEG still photos with burst and time-lapse settings available. It will also record video at up to UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution and a 60 Mbps bitrate. Stills and video are recorded to a separately available microSD card
Flight Control System
These modes provide auto-pilot assistance, which is great for beginners and also allows flyers to concentrate on camera work
One-Button Takeoffs and Landings
Simply press one button and the PowerEgg will launch itself and hover at a pre-defined altitude. The Return to Home function means once the flight is over you can bring the drone back to terra firma just as easily
Pause Function
If you need to take a break or encounter a problem, press pause. The drone will stop on the spot and hover until you are ready to start flying again
Safe Distance Settings
A safe minimum distance keeps the drone from flying too close to the pilot. You can also define a maximum distance to help avoid flyaways or losing contact with the drone
GPS and Optical Positioning
Outdoors, the PowerEgg finds its way via GPS. It also features an optical positioning system to enable navigation while indoors and close to the ground
Flight Modes
Orbit Mode
In this mode, the drone will fly a circular radius around a fixed point
Cable Cam
This is a "waypoint" flying flight pattering following a predefined path. Heading, altitude and other parameters can be separately set at each waypoint
Follow Me
In this mode, the drone will lock onto the controller and automatically track it (GPS availability required)
Additional Features
Mobile App
With an iOS or Android mobile device you can access additional features, such as viewable training tutorials, advanced settings, and the ability to capture camera images on your mobile device
6400mAh Flight Battery
The included battery gives the PowerEgg its power and lasts up to 23 minutes, depending on flying conditions
Customize the PowerEgg with separately available designer skins

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