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Ibcinyou r/c > Servos: Futaba, JR/DFA, Savox, MKS, Hitec, SWB Products > JR Servos > Specialty Air > JR Aluminum HD Double Servo Arm 3"


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JR Aluminum HD Double Servo Arm 3"


JR - JRPA05026 - Aluminum HD Double Servo Arm 3"

A stylish way to add functionality to your aircraft!

Servo arms are a critical, yet often overlooked, component of an aircraft's setup. They are a component that is often selected at thelast moment in an aircraft’s assembly, however are quick to receiveblame any time there is loss of control of the aircraft.

A quick glance at these arms reveals beautiful execution of a verysimple item, but once you get past the stunning blue anodized skin,the attention to detail becomes quite visible. Each arm is carefullymachined from the highest quality aluminum bar stock to the tightestof tolerances. They are much thicker than typical aluminum servoarms for better shear and tensional strength. The hubs are eventhicker than the arms for maximum strength and surface contact withthe servo's output gear. Also a unique feature to the hubs is thesecure, locking clamp design that will tighten to your servo to virtuallyeliminate any mechanical slop, yet release for easy removal from theservo with no tools, scraped knuckles, bent arms, or bad wordsuttered.

Polished, bevel-cut edges and laser-engraved JR logo add thefinishing touches to the arms and give an appearance that is severallevels above anything else in the market with performance to match.Try a set out on your new project. We're sure you'll feel the difference!


JR - JRPA05026 - Aluminum HD Double Servo Arm 3"
Machined from the highest quality aluminum bar stock.
Thicker design with reinforced center for maximum strength in critical applications such as hard 3D with giant scale airplanes
Unique locking clamp design locks onto servo output shaft with zero slop, yet allows for easy removal
Anodized turquoise for beautiful appearance, and protection from oxidization.
Polished, beveled corners relieve stress risers resulting in higher strength and better appearance

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