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Temporarily out of stock

JR NX8921 XBus Pro Ultra Torque MG WV servo

JR - JRPSNX8921 - NX8921 XBus Pro Ultra Torque MG WV

NX8921 Pro Ultra Torque MG WV Smart Servo

Ask any competition IMAC flyer or serious giant scale 3D enthusiast what their servo of choice is, and you'll undoubtedly hear the DS8911 mentioned more often than not. This isn't by accident- the DS8911 provides the perfect blend of brute strength and precision at a price point that won't break the bank. What could be better than that?

Well, how about an updated center heat sink case for improved cooling, and a ton of programmability to customize and fine-tune each individual servo to its location in the airplane. Well, look no further than the new NX8921 servo from JR.

Featuring automatic output detection, these new JR Smart Servos can be used with either conventional (PWM) or XBus installations for ease and flexibility. Programming is simple via your XBus-equipped JR XG-series DMSS transmitter, and not only can servo direction and travel be adjusted, but it is now possible to fine tune holding power, stopping speed, deadband, starting power, total servo travel, create an alarm if servo load exceeds a user-set limit, enable slow start, as well as enhanced failsafe features to help protect your servos in the event of signal loss.

If you're looking to take the performance of your model to unprecedented heights, take a look at the new NX8925 servos from JR and feel the difference the new JR NX Smart Servos can provide.


JR - JRPSNX8921 - NX8921 XBus Pro Ultra Torque MG WV
JRPSNX8921 Pro Ultra Torque MG WV
Torque: 319.2 (4.8V)/411.0 (6.0V)/506.8 (7.4V)
Speed: 0.20 (4.8V)/0.16 (6.0V)/0.13 (7.4V)
Dimensions (L/W/H): 1.59x0.83x1.38 in
Weight: 2.54 oz
Input Voltage: 4.8-8.5v
Shaft Support: Dual Ball Bearing
Comparable to DS8911HV

Image 0 of JR NX8921 XBus Pro Ultra Torque MG WV servo



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