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Ibcinyou r/c > Exhaust / Canisters / Pitts / Smoke Oil / Red-Line Oil > Smoke Oil - Aero Cumulus > Aero Cumulus Smoke fluid 1 gallon


Temporarily out of stock

Aero Cumulus Smoke fluid 1 gallon

Make your own clouds with Aero Cumulus Smoke Fluid!

Aero Cumulus Smoke fluid/oil. We make smoke fluid that is superior to anything on the market for Full Scale aircraft and R/C Aircraft. Here are a few of the reasons why:

*A Lower / Thinner viscosity fluid allows a much lower flow rate to produce more smoke!
*Smaller tank needed to achieve the same amount of smoke on duration.
*Will not harm your delicate covering or paint finishes.
*Developed and tested for over five years by the best pilots in North America to assure superior performance and price to all comparable smoke fluids.

Aero Cumulus Smoke fluid can be purchased in the following packages:

1 gallon / $16.99

Case of gallons (6) / $99.99

2.5 Gallons/ $41.99

Case of 2.5 Gallons/ $83.98

5 Gallon Pail/ $79.99

55 Gallon Drum $

Shipping will be via UPS/FedEx or other method you choose please email for shipping quote and state quantities requested

Image 0 of Aero Cumulus Smoke fluid 1 gallon

Image 1 of Aero Cumulus Smoke fluid 1 gallon



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