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Himax Brushless Outrunner Motor HC3510-1540

Himax Brushless Outrunner Motor HC3510-1540

Himax Brushless motors are manufactured to high standards for the discerning modeler. Designed for lightweight, high efficiency, high torque, and durability Himax Outrunner motors are sure to make today’s radio controlled models perform. Please read the entire operating manual to ensure correct functionality and best perfor-mance. The HC3510-1540 motor is made for medium size models weighing 24-32 oz for 3D flight, up to 40 oz for aerobatic flight and up to 50oz for leisurely flight.
Accessories (included):
1 - Prop Adapter
3 - Female 3.5mm connector
4 - Motor Mounting Screws
1 - Motor Mount Kit
2 - Hex Keys
High Efficiency - High Power - High Torque - Lightweight - Replacement for 05-500-600 Motors
Weight: 89g, (3.1oz), Motor only
Max Power: 250W, (This is dependent on several factors)
Max RPM: 20,000 RPM
Diameter: 35.2mm, (1.39')
Length: mm, 32.2mm(1.27')
Shaft Diameter: 4.0mm (.1575')
Mount Screw Thread: 4-40, max depth 5mm, on 25mm, (1.0') circle
Maximum Case Temperature: 65oC, (149oF)
Electrical Specifications:
HC3510-1540 Kv = 1540, Rm = .029, Io = 1.8
Efficient Operating Current = 10-30A, 42A Max 15 seconds
Recommended Accesories:
35 or 45 Amp Brushless Speed Control
7.4V Lithium Polymer or 7-8 Cell NiCd or NiMH Battery, capable of 30-42 Amps

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