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Ibcinyou r/c > Exhaust / Canisters / Pitts / Smoke Oil / Red-Line Oil > Smoke Oil - Aero Cumulus > R/C Aviation Smoke Oil 1 gallon


Temporarily out of stock

R/C Aviation Smoke Oil 1 gallon

R/C Aviation Smoke Oil 1 Gallon

Copper State Petroleum's Aviation Smoke Oil is a low viscosity, amber colored petroleum base oil for many aviation smoke applications. It is non-toxic and specially formulated to produce a brilliant white smoke trail with incredible hang time.

Product Uses:
Copper State Petroleum's Aviation Smoke Oil is formulated for utilization in radio-controlled (R/C) or fullscale aircraft smoke systems.


Made from highly refined base stocks and contains no additives that can harm smoke systems.
Its low viscosity and ability to produce billowing white smoke clouds that are reluctant to dissipate make it the perfect choice for professionals looking to impress a
Its non-flammable formulation makes it an extremely safe and superior alternative to dangerously ignitable home-made oil and fuel mixtures


Physical State: Liquid
Appearance: Light Gold to Amber
Specific Gravity (at 15 C): 0.887
Flash Point [Method]: >147oC / 298oF
Boiling Point / Range: 300oC / 572oF
Viscosity: 9.1 cSt (9.1 mm/sec) at 40 C / 2.4 cSt (2.4 mm/sec) at 100C
Pour Point: -37C (-35F)

Available in

1-Gallon, 1-Gallon Case (4) to a case, 5-Gallon bucket

Or for all of you super smokers out there a 55-Gallon drum

Image 0 of R/C Aviation Smoke Oil 1 gallon



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