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Ibcinyou r/c > Castle ESC / Himax Motors / Chargers > Chargers/Power Supply > Multiplex Charger Li-NiCd-NiMH


Temporarily out of stock

Multiplex Charger Li-NiCd-NiMH

The LN-5014 will safely charge and discharge all Lithium, NiCd, NiMH and Lead-Acid battery packs and cells. An easy to read, Illuminated digital LCD screen displays battery type, charge/ discharge, mAh, voltage and charging time, enhancing the charging experience. To insure proper use, the LCD screen will also display error messages for out-of range input voltage, incorrect connection or reversed polarity, poor battery condition and internal errors. This easy to use charger, with its 4 button control panel and logical menus, is compact and simple to transport to the flying field or track.

M92531 Multiplex LN5014 MULTIcharger

Image 0 of Multiplex Charger Li-NiCd-NiMH



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