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Kodiak switch

Kodiak switch

New from Fromeco the Kodiak switch.

Designed with the new Lithium Phosphate or (LiFePO4) batteries in mind the Kodiak switch from Fromeco is capable of 30amps continuous service. The Kodiak also utilizes a LED graphical read out that counts milliamps used out of the battery that it is controlling. Kodiak can also be used with Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer, Nicad, and NiMH with in appropriate voltage ranges.

The Switch acts as both the units power ON/OFF, and also the mA Counter Reset. The mA counter is simple and easy to reset, a simple ON, OFF, ON in quick succession will reset the mA counter to 0 and your ready for a fresh battery. The Kodiak is an electrical switch, or what many would call a "Fail Safe" switch. It does draw small amount of energy in the OFF position.
Fromeco uses LED 7 segment displays for our read out, they have proven to be robust small and very lite.

NOTE! The Kodiak mA counter is for indication purposes only. It should NEVER be used to get the full capacity out of any battery pack. Please ensure you have an understanding of how batteries work before you use this product. Attempting to get full capacity out of a flight pack will most certainly result in a failure of power to your flight system. Kodiak's mA count is accurate enough for indication purposes, however it should not be mistaken for the accuracy of "Instruments" such as VOM's.

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