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Smart-Fly PowerSystem Sport Plus

Smart-Fly PowerSystem Sport Plus

The Smart-Fly PowerSystem Sport Plus is an all-in-one unit for 40cc-85cc gas engine aircraft using lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery packs. The unit has a built in, fixed 6.0-volt, 5-amp continuous regulator that can supply up to 15 amp momentary peaks. The unit supports dual batteries and has full battery protection where if a battery pack looses a cell or shorts it will be isolated and the good pack will continue to power the plane. The unit also supports an optional failsafe switch which, when used, reduces the weight versus using two heavy-duty switches. The unit also has a built-in Ignition Cutoff unit for the gas engine electronic ignition. A jumper selects the Ignition Cutoff receiver channel by jumpering the receiver channel to the Ignition Cutoff control input. The unit has a filtered 5.0-volt, 1-amp regulator for the receiver, which is separate from the servo regulator. This provides extra protection for the 2.4GHz spread-spectrum receivers. The unit has full RF filtering built in on the receiver and servo connections. LEDs show the status of the servo power and the receiver power. All servo signal outputs are fully buffered with line matching to drive long servo leads.

Power System Sport Plus (no Ignition Cutoff) $179.95
Failsafe-switch and charge package $19.95
Reciever Mount (Clear L shpaed mount) $7.50
3M Dual-lock, 1"x2" $1.00

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