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Ibcinyou r/c > Aircraft > Small Planes / Helicopter / Boat / Electric > Hughes H-1 EP 40" ARF


Temporarily out of stock

Hughes H-1 EP 40" ARF

Hughes H-1 EP 40 ARF

This is a scale model of the famous Howard Hughes H-1 from the Golden Age of Aviation, the 20-year period between the end of World War I and the beginning of World War II. Though originally designed simply for speed, the H-1 had many new features that influenced the design of high-performance aircraft for years, including retractable landing gear, gently curving wing fillets, rivets and joints that were flush with the aircraft's skin, and ailerons that could be drooped when the flaps were fully extended, improving lift along the full length of the wing for takeoffs and landings. The original H-1 is now on display in the Golden Age of Flight gallery in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

After nearly 2 years in development and true to the original, this model is stable at both low and high speeds, features concealed rudder and elevator controls, Max Cowling* fiberglass cowl, magnetic battery hatch, spring loaded tail wheel and optional retractable landing gear.

Wingspan: 40 in
Length: 33 in
Wing Area: 320 sq in
Flying Weight: 28~31 oz

ARF Package Includes:
*Max Cowling Fiberglass cowl
Spring loaded tail wheel
Scale fixed landing gear
13 pages detail instruction manual

Optional Items:
The ARF comes with fixed scale landing gear. Size 10 Retractable Landing Gear can be used for retract set up.

Other Items Required
Motor: Uranus 28309 Brushless motor
ESC: Uranus Brushless 25A Battery: 3S 1300~2100 mAh Li-Po
Prop: EP 10 x5 Radio: 4ch.4 servos Hitec HS65HBx3, HS82MGx1 (retract)

Special Features of H-1

*New Technology - Max Cowling
Max Cowling is a new technology to the RC plane industry. It was developed by Maxford USA, with this new technoloy, no more screws will be use to attach a cowl, just push and turn, then 3 screws and 1 magnetic will hold the cowl safely. It makes a scale plane very nice and easy to remove the cowl.

Image 0 of Hughes H-1 EP 40

Image 1 of Hughes H-1 EP 40

Image 2 of Hughes H-1 EP 40

Image 3 of Hughes H-1 EP 40

Image 4 of Hughes H-1 EP 40

Image 5 of Hughes H-1 EP 40

Image 6 of Hughes H-1 EP 40



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