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Ibcinyou RC
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Image 0 of JR XG14 14ch DMSS System w/RG1131B Rx

XBus system       
Falcon Carbon Fiber & Beechwood Props
Autel X-Star premium 4K
way-points, orbit, follow me Aerial Drone
"Truly incredible"   



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   MKS  CALL 314-256-9987         

Falcon Props Carbon Fiber props, German beechwoods

20x9 Carbon Fiber w/neoprene prop covers IN STOCK

24x8&9 Carbon Fiber w/neoprene prop covers IN STOCK

29x9 Carbon Fiber w/neoprene prop covers IN STOCK  

 DO-All outdoors 

NEW product line for 2016! Going to give this a shot "no pun intended" Clay Traps, Steel targets, self healing targets, and more. 

Off the beaten path of r/c just a little...The clay pigeon "fly's" so therefore it qualifies so were good to go! I have been shooting trap & skeet for many years another one of my hobbies/passions along with r/c.  I am now a dealer for another great company Do-All Outdoor homegrown & manufactured right here in the good old USA something I have been wanting to do for many years. Finally everything is in place and ready for launch. I will be adding all the products they have to offer so in the meantime its under construction for a bit, but if theirs a particular product your interested in just say the word! 

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