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Ibcinyou r/c > BARGAIN BOX New & Used > DLE35RE "complete" used needs attention "SOLD"


Temporarily out of stock

DLE35RE "complete" used needs attention "SOLD"

$225 shipped "SOLD"


DLE 35RE that needs a little tinkering with, This is a brand new engine basically, It has NOT been in the air. I just cannot get it to continuously run, I have changed out all the obvious components ignition, spark plug, my hunch is it has a vacuum leak between the two case half's or front bearing. It has a new reed block & new carb still no change. It will come to life during choke, take choke off 2 flips and it burns the prime off and dies. Customer sent this engine to me to diagnose what the problem could be and this is my diagnosis, he didn't want to spend the money for me to tear it down and and fix, something you shouldn't have to do on a new engine.

Image 0 of DLE35RE

Image 1 of DLE35RE

Image 2 of DLE35RE

Image 3 of DLE35RE

Image 4 of DLE35RE

Image 5 of DLE35RE



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