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Graupner V-VENTURE HoTT Glider ARF

Motor, ESC, Servos, Propeller


The V-VENTURE is an easy to fly beginner?€ s model with exciting and excellent flight performance. This pre-assembled model is controlled with three channels, ailerons, elevator and motor and can also be configured with optional spoiler aileron configuration for precision landings. The V-Venture can be easily and safely hand launched by both the novice and experienced pilots and its brisk climb performance will bring it rapidly to altitude where after motor shutdown the pilot can fly the V-Venture with its excellent gliding performance. The V-Venture is equipped with high quality Graupner components and comes in a Ready to Fly (RTF) version and Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) version.

The RTF version is ready for telemetry and can be expanded with a wide range of sensors and modules.


Excellent flight performance for beginners and experienced RC pilots
Optimized aerodynamic designed airfoil
Aerobatic flight possible
Low weight and excellent durability
2 ailerons available for brake function
High efficient pusher motor
V-tail system
Optimized motor mount design
Improved strength of wing using a carbon tube


V-Venture Airframe
DES281BB servo (Elevator)
DES261BB servo (Aileron) x 2
COMPACT 260Z 7.4 brushless motor
Graupner 18A brushless ESC
Graupner SLOWFLY propeller 6x3?€


Transmitter (Graupner/SJ mz-10 recommended)
Receiver (Graupner/SJ GR-12L recommended)
Charger (Graupner/SJ ULTRA AD/DC EQ Charger recommended)

RC Function
Elevators, Ailerons / speed brake, Motor
Wingspan approx.
1350 mm 53.15 in
Overall length, approx.
860 mm 33.46 in
All-up weight, approx.
550 g 19.4 oz
Total surface area, approx.
26.7 dm²
Tail plane area
5.0 dm²
Wing area
21.7 dm²
Tail plane section
NACA 009
Wing section
HQ 3.0/12
Wing loading
20.6 g/dm²

Image 0 of Graupner V-VENTURE HoTT Glider ARF

Image 1 of Graupner V-VENTURE HoTT Glider ARF

Image 2 of Graupner V-VENTURE HoTT Glider ARF

Image 3 of Graupner V-VENTURE HoTT Glider ARF

Image 4 of Graupner V-VENTURE HoTT Glider ARF



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