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Ibcinyou r/c > Hacker-Motors / Castle ESC / Himax Motors /Graupner Chargers > Graupner Chargers > Graupner Polaron AC/DC SPORTS 240W 7S 3" B/W and Touch LCD (Blue)


Graupner Polaron AC/DC SPORTS 240W 7S 3" B/W and Touch LCD (Blue)

INCLUDES:Charge cables, balancing boards, power cord


The Graupner Polaron AC/DC Sports charger is a dual port charger that can charge two batteries simultaneously. It provides an easy to use LCD screen making operation and navigation easy. The charger will automatically setup the optimal charge profile after entering the battery type, cell numbers and battery capacity ensuring optimal and safe charging. Each charge channel can hold up to 20 different charge profiles eliminating the need to re-enter battery information. Just load the required battery profile and press charge.

Charging is done safely with the supplied balancing boards where the batteries are constantly being monitored for optimal charge capacity. Batteries can be placed in store mode which will prolong the cycle-life when the batteries are not in use.

The modular design allows the use of the Polaron AC/DC Sports indoors as well as outdoors using an external 12V power source. The supplied USB cable can be used to update the charger s software or with a desktop computer to monitor charging with our free monitoring software.


Optimal space saving design
Friendly 128x64 graphic touch LCD Screen
120W DC per channel and 60W AC per channel
Charges LiPo, LiLo, LiFe (up to 7 cells), NiCd, NiMh (up to 14 cells), Pb 1-12 cells
Support for parallel charging of multiple batteries on a single channel
20 memory battery profile channels for each charge port (total 40 memories)
USB data port for firmware updates and PC charger monitoring
External USB charge port for tablets or smartphones

Polaron AC/DC Sports Charger
AC Power Cord
2 x EH to XH 7S balancing boards and cables
2 x Temperature sensors
2 x Charge cable
2 x Aligator clip
Charger stand
USB cable
DC input cable

Power source
AC100~240V, DC11~15V External Power Supply
B/W 128x64 TFT Touch screen
Battery Type & Cells
NiCd, NiMH / 1~14 cells / each channel
LiPo, LiFe, LiIo / 1~7 cells / each channel
Pb / 1~12 cells (2V/cell) / each channel
2 Channels: DC Input: 120W x 2CH = 240W
AC input: 60W x 2CH-POWER RATE)
Charge Current
0.1 ~ 8.0A (100mA steps) /Max. 120W
Discharge Current
0.1 ~ 5.0A (100mA steps) / Max.30W
Discharge, Charge to Discharge / Discharge to Charge
Balancing current
Max. 300mA
USB 5V output (5.0V 1.0A ) / USB B-Type
Sub Function

Firmware upgrade
External Mini USB device
PC communication
Data Logging
Default English
Cooling system
50x50x10mm(1.97x1.97x0.39 in) x 2ea Dynamic Cooling Fan
Ext. Module socket
Motor Test socket
Servo Test socket
Each 20 memories (20ea x 2CH = 40 memories)
SMPS Docking Terminal
88.2x203.4x196.3mm / 3.47x8.00x7.73 inch
1536 g / 54.18 oz

Image 0 of Graupner Polaron AC/DC SPORTS 240W 7S 3

Image 1 of Graupner Polaron AC/DC SPORTS 240W 7S 3

Image 2 of Graupner Polaron AC/DC SPORTS 240W 7S 3

Image 3 of Graupner Polaron AC/DC SPORTS 240W 7S 3



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