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Graupner Alpha 300 3D Race Copter RFH


Flying multirotor will never be the same again! The Alpha 300Q 3D is the new standard for anything multirotor! Whether you are a seasoned 3D pilot or proficient race copter pilot the Alpha 300Q 3D will bring you to the next level of multirotor flying. Inverted flight, tic toc's or any other 3D maneuvers the Alpha 300Q 3D does at all bending the law of physics and defying gravity taking you to the next level of 3D flying.

The Alpha 300Q 3D is built around a strong 3mm lightweight carbon competition frame, making it extremely durable during all flight phases. Parts are easily replaced as needed, requiring only basic tools. To assist with flight orientation, a set of high intensity LED lights are mounted on top and bottom of the frame making it stand out in the sky even for night flying!

Transitioning into 3D flight is easy with the Alpha 300Q 3D race copter. If you are a beginner you can change modes during flight at any time between attitude and 3D mode. Experienced 3D helicopter pilots will feel instantly at home with the Alpha 300Q and in no time you will bend and defy the laws of physics and gravity.


To make the Alpha 300Q 3D the best 3D multirotor racer in its class our engineers had to redesign everything and think out of the box. The very light carbon fiber frame design protects the electronics and battery in the event of a mishap and offers plenty of additional space for future expansion. To achieve fast and crisp response times we designed new hand wound motors that are lighter and more powerful. The short switching and programmable Graupner Ultra ESC's can handle the high currents when switching motor directions which are instantaneous. The newly designed 3D propellers with our multirotor flight controller makes the Alpha 300Q 3D ready to fly right out of the box!


The Alpha 300Q 3D is equipped with our S1019 GR-18 receiver and flight controller for multicopters, flybarless helicopters and 3 axis stabilization gyro for airplanes. The GR-18 is the most advanced 2.4 GHz receiver ever made by Graupner. In multirotor mode it will support almost any type of multirotor from 3D, Tri Copter, Quad, Hexa Copter and Octo all in one single package.

The GR-18 is a long range receiver that uses the Graupner HoTT protocol enabling real-time telemetry data of signal strength, receiver voltage and temperature all to assist pilots during flight. Power and simplicity are the hallmarks of the GR-18. Setting up a multicopter, airplane or helicopter is easy and instantly done over-the-air on any Graupner HoTT transmitter. No computers, programming boxes or complex wiring are needed to set up your model on the workbench or at the field. Need to make a change or adjustment? Just land and use your radio to make the changes on the spot or even better, assign controls to make changes during flight! The GR-18 flight controller has been optimized for 3D flight and does not require any special settings for flying your Alpha 300Q 3D.


Safety is key when flying race copters and the Alpha 300Q provides the pilot with many safety features for a worry free experience. Real-time information is constantly transmitted from the copter flight systems, providing voice notifications of main battery voltage, temperatures and radio signal strength which are continuously monitored by the GR-18 controller. When an unsafe condition occurs such as flying out of range, or low battery level, the operator is immediately notified.


The Alpha 300Q can be flown by any intermediate pilot. If you already have some experience flying multirotors flying the Alpha 300Q should not be difficult as it has a stability mode to get you started. If you are a seasoned or beginner 3D helicopter pilot, you will find the Alpha 300Q an excellent training platform due to its close flight performance of collective pitch helicopters. Flying to Alpha 300Q on a 4S pack will give you the performance to fly maneuvers like piro-flips, rainbows, hurricanes, funnels and more. And if you make a mistake most that may happen is breaking a set of propellers.


Expertly built no assembly required
Ready to fly just bind it your Graupner radio
Integrated triple mode receiver and flight controller
Selectable flight modes (beginner to expert)
Receiver with built in telemetry (main voltage, RX voltage, RF signal strength, RX temperature)
Live voice telemetry announcements of flight data
Voice notifications of battery level and radio range
Over the air access for settings with any Graupner HoTT radio (6ch and up)
No computer or setup boxes needed
Powerful, lightning fast response Graupner Ultra 2300Kv motors with 9mm magnets
Graupner high performance copter 3D-Props
High frequency switching Graupner performance ESC's
High intensity LED light system


Quadcopter 3D ALPHA 300 Q ready to fly:
S1019 GR-18 receiver with integrated flight-control
(S7052)2 ULTRA Brushless Motors 2809-2300KV with right-hand thread
(S7051)2 ULTRA Brushless Motors 2809-2300KV with left-hand thread
(S3057) 4 ULTRA BRUSHLESS CONTROL 3D 20A ONESHOT Controller with BL Heli Software
2 each 6-inch 3D propeller red (R / L)
2 each 6-inch 3D Propeller white (R / L)

Image 0 of Graupner Alpha 300 3D Race Copter RFH

Image 1 of Graupner Alpha 300 3D Race Copter RFH

Image 2 of Graupner Alpha 300 3D Race Copter RFH

Image 3 of Graupner Alpha 300 3D Race Copter RFH



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