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Ibcinyou r/c > Aircraft > CY Models > Extra 330L 90.6" 50cc


Temporarily out of stock

Extra 330L 90.6" 50cc

Extra 330L 90.6" 50cc

Extra 330L 90.6" 50cc

Item No: CY8064E

Wingspan: 2300 mm (90.5 in)

Wingarea: 84 dm2 (1302

Length: 1950 mm (76.6 in)

Engine: 50-80cc Petrol engine

Radio: 5 Channels;6-8 Servos

Take off weight:

Product Description:

1. High-quality, prepainted, fiberglass cowling and wheel cowling;

2. High-quality balsa and plywood material;

3. Light weight and strong construction;

4. Aluminum or carbon wing tube and stabilizer tube;

5. Aluminum or carbon landing gear;

6. Hardware package included;
7. Covered Toughlon or Oracover;

8. Decals pre-applied at factory.

Image 0 of Extra 330L 90.6

Image 1 of Extra 330L 90.6



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