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Aero Subaru 50

Aero Subaru 50

Aero Subaru 50

Item: CY8065

Wingspan: 1630 mm

Wingarea: 44 dm2

Length: 1270 mm

Engine: 2C 0.40-0.50

Radio: 4 Channles;4 Servos

Aero Subaru FA-200 made by Austars Model: History:

The Fuji FA200 Aero Subaru was the first wholly Japanese designed light aircraft to enter series production, with the majority built for export orders. A product of the Fuji Heavy Industries industrial conglomerate (which was formed through the merger of six different concerns, including WW2 fighter manufacturer Nakajima, and builds Subaru cars), design work on the FA200 began in 1964. A prototype, the FA200II, first flew on August 12 1965. The basic FA200 design was expected to form the basis of a family of light aircraft including the two seat side-by-side trainer FA200I powered by a 85kW (115hp) Lycoming O235 and the single seat F204 agricultural version. However only the four seat tourer, as represented by the prototype, entered production. This aircraft was of conventional low wing and fixed undercarriage design, and was aerobatic at reduced weights.

Three versions of the FA200 entered production, the first being the 120kW (160hp) powered FA200160, which was also certificated with reduced weights in the Utility category with three seats, and the Aerobatic with two seats. The FA200180 was essentially similar but powered by a 135kW (180hp) fuel injected IO360. Deliveries of both versions began in March 1968.A third model joined the lineup from mid 1973, the FA200180AO. This was a reduced specification version of the FA200180 with a fixed pitch propeller and caburetted Lycoming O360 engine.

The Aero Subaru remained in production until 1977 when 274 had been built. The type remained available to special order through to 1986, by which time a further 25 had been built

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