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RC EYE 450

RC EYE 450 Quadcopter

Quadrocopters enjoy increasing popularity nowadays. Our RC EYE 450 promises you a different kind of flying quad. Through the new QC 09, the flight behavior is more intrinsically stable and calm in the air. The RC EYE 450 comes with the latest firmware that introduces two "directional flight modes" the 'x" and '+" mode and does not need any additional accessories to fly in 'x'-mode. Thanks to the 3 different basic settings not only professionals can have a fantastic flying experience, but also the beginner mode offers a well start in flying a quad. Especially the simple folding mechanism makes this quad copter perfect to carry it with you anywhere.

Of course the RC Logger Eye 450 is designed in such a way that our existing and future RC Logger products (including main and add-on modules) can easily be mounted and connected.

The following items are included in the delivery:
Pre-assembled Quadrocopter
4 x Spring washers
2 x Left-turning propellers
2 x Right-turning propellers
4 x Rotor tips
2 x RC Logger hook-and-loop tape
Plug-in connector for rechargeable battery
RC EYE interface cable
Operating instructions

Stabilized by powerful RISC microprocessors
Complex control electronics of position and acceleration sensors
High shear and low net weight
Long flight duration due to high efficiency
Frame / mechanics: 4 rotors for simple control
High quality sturdy synthetic frame
Low dead weight and high strength
Mounting holes and room for expansion
Variable battery holder with RC Logger Hook-and-Loop tape
Electronics / motors: Atmel RISC processor for control
Atmel Mega8 RISC processors for engine electronics
Position and acceleration sensors for stabilization
RS232 interface for expansions and updates
Status and servo signal for expansions
Configuration software for PC (optional)
Sum signal converter
Quality DC brushless motors
Complete wiring including high-current connectors

Product code:

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Image 1 of RC EYE 450

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