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RC EYE 650 Quadcopter

RC EYE 650 Quadcopter

RC Eye 650 kit including 4x special Scorpion brushless motor(s), mechanical parts, wires, electronic components, flight control with MEMS gyro, motor driver, accessories, assembly and operating instructions.

The RC Eye 650 kit is equipped with latest Atmel RISC processor and MEMS gyro technology combined with acceleration sensor, designed in Germany, just as used in modern civil aviation. It provides perfect and flawless flight-control and stunning flight-leveling. Perfectly matched motor-driver technology engineered in Germany specially catered for long and powerful flights. In combination with Scorpion's brushless motor technology guaranteed for maximum performance and efficiency. The light weight aluminium and plastics composite based frame provides excellent flight stability and protection of all electronic components. A UART interface allows expert flight control programming, parameter adjustment or data logging capabilities - or simply add your very own custom hardware.

Hook-Up your RC Logger PRO (special mounting plate set included with kit) and step into the world of FPV flying. Due to its extreme stability this aircraft is an ideal entry to FPV and OSD flight experience. Additional space for mounting OSD and wireless 5.8 GHz video transmission modules or RC Logger add-on modules round-up one complete solution. Novice- and expert- flight modes are pre-selectable.

Light Up the Sky!

The main frame provides space for an additional available light-control PCB. The optional night flying add-on kit includes a controller for 8 outputs supporting single LEDs or LED strips (included with night flying add-on kit).

Areal Photography at its Best!

Wide and tall landing skid construction allowing to install additional load such as cameras onto the RC Eye 650. The main frame provides mounting holes for any custom made mounting plate. A mounting plate set specifically designed for the RC Logger PRO is included with the kit. The RC Eye 650 has plenty of power reserve to lift even large objects, at the same time ensuring long flight time provided through Scorpions motor technology and the well optimized motor driver. Flight stability and power efficiency are the key ingredients to successful areal photography or videography. The RC Eye 650 transforms you into the directors chair - well affordable and professional.

Connect your Controls!

Link up your RC Logger devices such as the GPS add-on module and IMU add-on module to get even more out of your RC Eye 650 flight experience. A communication interface (in development) will add autonomous flying capabilities to this extraordinary aircraft. Experienced pilots have the freedom of choosing and adjusting individual flight control parameters such as pitch, roll, yaw and throttle. Just connect the craft to your PC using the additional data kit and adjust your personal level of control. The RC Eye 650 offers various standard flight modes which do not require user programming or PC interfacing.

The following items are included in the delivery:

RC Eye 650 kit including 4x Scorpion brushless motor(s), includes all mechanical parts, wires
2x Motor driver PCB
1x Flight control board with MEMS gyro (QC-09)
1x PWM signal converter(QC-07)
2x Anti slip battery strap
Special ABS mounting bracket for RC Logger HD, HD2, PRO, X2
4x High performance propeller, glasfiber enforced
Sticker set
Assembly and operating instructions
Additional RC equipment required:
Standard RC radio set (TX/RX), minimum 6-channel, 2.4 GHz preferred
11.1 V, 30 C, 3600 mAh - 4000 mAh, 3 S LiPo battery (one required)
Suitable LiPo battery balancer and charger
BEC regulator with 3 A/5 V continuous output current, supports 3 S 12 V LiPo battery power input (required for powering additional devices or receivers with power rating higher than 350 mA/5 V)

Product code:

Flight performance and control:
3 selectable flight modes from novice to expert
Flight configuration as "CROSS-" and "X-" mode (X-mode available from Q2/2012)
Heading hold mode (Agility mode)
Support for TX mode 1, 2, 3 and 4 (refer to user manual)
Supported by powerful RISC microprocessor technology
Complex flight control system including position and acceleration sensing with MEMS technology
PWM signal converter to connect a wide selection of TX/RX (Serializer PWM to PPM Encoder)
High thrust due to light weight construction
Extended flight time due to high efficiency

Mechanical construction and frame:
High grade plastic composite material, aluminium combination
Main stabilizing plate made of special rigid composite material (manufactured in Germany)
Wide and tall landing skid construction providing room for additional payload
Rigid but lightweight construction
Additional space for extension boards
Center of gravity variable battery slot with anti slip surface battery straps
Balanced rotor blades, GF enforced

Electronics and motor:
Flight control (QC-09) powered by Atmel RISC processor and MEMS technology
PWM signal converter (QC-07)
Atmel Mega8 RISC processor based brushless motor controller
Innovative MEMS gyro technology
Gyro and acceleration sensor for optimized flight leveling
RS232 interface allowing software (firmware) updates and custom add-ons
Status- and servo- signal interface (UART) for customization
Data kit, configuration options via PC software (optional accessory)
Night flying kit (QC-06), 8 outputs for LED's and LED strips (optional accessory)
Battery warning and locator function
High performance specially designed brushless motors powered by Scorpion technology and reliability
High power motor driver
High power connector(s) included

Image 0 of RC EYE 650 Quadcopter

Image 1 of RC EYE 650 Quadcopter

Image 2 of RC EYE 650 Quadcopter



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