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Giant Scale F8F Bearcat

Giant Scale F8F Bearcat

95" span. Glass fuse, wood wings. Nicely detailed and painted. Will take the Tigertracts Series II retracts, and we have the retracts and special struts for it as a package. The retract and strut package works really well, we have many, many landings on the set with no issues. Plug in wings and stab,quick field assembly, and a large top hatch for easy access. Construction time is very quick, expect to spend no more than 20 hours getting it together, everything fits, and it's very simple. All high quality heavy-duty hardware is included, no junk you need to throw out and replace. It's a real joy to fly, very docile, lands very easily, the controls feel really harmonized, it flies like a warbird should, solid and straight, but it's not heavily loaded, typical weights are coming in at the 28-34 pound range. The model has been flown with a 50cc engine, and flies just fine, but if you are looking for really unlimited Bearcat-like performance, you should be thinking 75cc or up. The plane can take it. A fuel tank is not included, but there is room for a five gallon jerrycan inside that fuse if you wanted. A large plywood box mount for gas engines is included, too, along with reinforcing angle iron and such to keep it nice and strong and attached to the firewall. Item: CY8032 Wingspan: 2460 mm ( 96.9 in ) Length: 1930 mm ( 76 in ) Wing Area: 96 dm2(1488 Engine: 60-100cc gas Radio: 6 channels, 8-9 servos Cowling size: See pics Shipping Weight: 42lbs We generally ship with the EMS/USPS...

Image 0 of Giant Scale F8F Bearcat

Image 1 of Giant Scale F8F Bearcat

Image 2 of Giant Scale F8F Bearcat

Image 3 of Giant Scale F8F Bearcat

Image 4 of Giant Scale F8F Bearcat

Image 5 of Giant Scale F8F Bearcat

Image 6 of Giant Scale F8F Bearcat

Image 7 of Giant Scale F8F Bearcat



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