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Ibcinyou r/c > Aircraft > CY Models > Giant Scale C188 AgWagon


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Giant Scale C188 AgWagon

Giant Scale C188 AgWagon "yellow"

Perhaps the finest ARF ever made. Gorgeous glasswork, perfect wood work, very scale, too. Features an enormous hatch for batteries or tank access,very strong steel landing gear, superb quality rubber tires with metal hubs, all top-quality super-duty hardware, and much more. Great for 50-100cc engines, and most 100cc twins will drop right in. It will even take up to a 250 radial if you leave the cowl off. It is made extra strong to take the abuse of aerotowing. People who get this model are simply blown away by the quality. 120 inch Cessna-188 Aghusky. * Wingspan: 3050mm (120 inch) * Wingarea: 130.3dm2 * Length: 2085mm (82 inch) * Engine: 60-100cc gas engine * Radio: 5 CH/8 servos Key Features: 1. Top quality, Fibreglass, balsa & ply construction 2. Strong Fibreglass fuselage with Panel Lines and rivets 3. Functional Flaps and Wing Struts 4. Plug in 2 piece wing 5. Removable tail for easy transport 6. High quality covering 7. Superb flight performance 8. Scale tailwheel 9. Corrugated flight surfaces 10. StandardNavigation lights & Decals included 11. Quality hardware included 12. Precut canopy with rivets (no trimming required) 13. Suitable for Gas engines 80cc to 100cc plus Item: CY8019B Wingspan: 3050 mm Wing area: 130 dm2 Length: 2083 mm Engine: 80-150 cc gas engine Radio: 5 Channles;8 Servos Cowling size: Shipping Weight: 32.5lbs We generally ship with the EMS/USPS...

Image 0 of Giant Scale C188 AgWagon

Image 1 of Giant Scale C188 AgWagon

Image 2 of Giant Scale C188 AgWagon

Image 3 of Giant Scale C188 AgWagon

Image 4 of Giant Scale C188 AgWagon



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