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Hull Penetration

Hull Penetration

The Hull Penetration is designed for use with your CellPro/JST compatible Balancing/Charging charger. The Hull Penetration makes it possible to charge your systems from the outside of your aircraft in a small light weight package. The Hull Penetration face plate is the same size as those used by the Fromeco Badger Switch. How it works is simple, mount your Hull Penetration inside your aircraft, preferably some place low, attach the male/female JST/CellPro adapter cables to the back of the unit, attach your battery to the same cables on the Female end. When it comes time to charge, plug the male/male JST/CellPro extender leads into your charger, and then plug them into the Hull Penetration.

Hull Penetration does require that your battery is equipped with the JST/CellPro type adapter,

The Hull Penetration is designed for charging batteries equiped with JST connectors up to 4S.

Chargers that work with Hull Penetration
FMA Direct CellPro 4S charger
FMA Direct CellPro 10S Charger
The 10S charger also requires a separate charging lug, preferably Deans due to 10 amp charging currents.
The Fromeco Kodiak switch is designed around this functionality.
Hull Penetration will work with any charger or balancer that utilizes the JST 5 pin balancing plug. The out board connection is an "electrical female" and a "plastic lug male".
Believe it or not Fromeco does NOT make a charger compatible with Hull Penetration.

Image 0 of Hull Penetration

Image 1 of Hull Penetration

Image 2 of Hull Penetration

Image 3 of Hull Penetration



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