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Temporarily out of stock

Multiplex FunJET

Multiplex FunJET RR receiver ready
FunJET is the easy way to fly fast. Blazing across the sky has never been more fun!
Gone are the days of the hard to launch, hard to land, fragile jets. The FunJET goes
from launch to super ballistic in a flash yet is docile at slow speeds making landings
gentle. Multiplex’s Elapor foam construction gives the FunJET unparalleled durability
and strength.
Length (in) 29
Span (in) 32
Wt. (oz) 22
Battery 2500 mAh 3-S Li-Po (not included)
RR Kit (Receiver Ready, includes BL motor, ESC)

Image 0 of Multiplex FunJET

Image 1 of Multiplex FunJET

Image 2 of Multiplex FunJET

Image 3 of Multiplex FunJET

Image 4 of Multiplex FunJET



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