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Temporarily out of stock

Multiplex AcroMaster

Multiplex AcroMaster
Become a 3D expert with the AcroMaster! It flies like .30 size 3D balsa plane but with
the durability of ELAPOR foam construction. Designed by Aerobatic Champion Martin
Muller, the AcroMaster combines the ultimate in 3D flight capabilities with Multiplex's
reputation for easy to build, easy to fly and very tough foam airplanes. Whether you
are looking for a Sport Flyer, a Pattern Plane or pure 3D thrills the handsome AcroMaster
will satisfy your needs. Ideal match for the capabilities of the Optic 6 transmitter!
Length (in) 42
Span (in) 43
Wt. (oz) 36
Motor Himax HB3516-1130 (not included)
Battery 2100 - 3200 mAh 3-S Li-Po (not included)
Std Kit (M214215)

Image 0 of Multiplex AcroMaster

Image 1 of Multiplex AcroMaster

Image 2 of Multiplex AcroMaster

Image 3 of Multiplex AcroMaster

Image 4 of Multiplex AcroMaster

Image 5 of Multiplex AcroMaster



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