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Ibcinyou r/c > Hacker-Motors / Castle ESC / Himax Motors /Graupner Chargers > Chargers/Power Supply > iMax B8 Multifunctional Balance Charger


iMax B8 Multifunctional Balance Charger

Microprocessor controlled high-performance rapid charger / discharger / balancer for NiCd / NiMH / Li-polymer / Pb batteries with cell voltage balancer. USB PC link, temperature sensor and built-in Lithium battery balancer
Charge current up to 7A, discharge current up to 5A, 1 to 8 series of Lilo / LiPo / LiFe, 1 to 27 cells of NiCd / NiMH, 2 to 36V of Lead-acid (Pb)
You can get a rapid charger/discharger with built-in balancer, which is computerized with a high performance microprocessor and specialized in operating software. It can maintain your battery in its best condition and also control them safely.

FEATURES: 1. Watt meter up to 100A
You can establish your power plant with a right propeller for the best current.
Watt meter can be operated with tachometer
Automatic voltage/amp calibration. No need to calibrate the voltage of source.
Additional power supply is not needed even the input power source is less than 4.5V.
2. Rotor blade tachometer
Precision tachometer up to 3000RPM. Rotating-drum type slit synchronize system.
Up to 10 incidental RPM can be stored to the memory.
3. Temperature sensor
Solid-state temperature sensor by contacting the material being checked.
4. RX battery checker/discharger
You can check your RX battery with a certain current load accurately.
NiCd 4.8/6.0/9.6V and Lithium 7.4V with 100 to 1000mAh current load
When being checked, the present voltage and the residue of capacity are displayed
NiCd batteries can be discharged to 0.9V/cell.
5. Back-light LCD screen
You can adjust the brightness of LCD display
6. Automatic power off and back-light off
To prevent from wasting the energy, the power will go off when there is no action for 10 minutes.
The back-light will go off in 1 minutes if you do nothing with the unit.
7. Robust outer aluminum case
High-quality aluminum case is durable and very efficient to cool out the internal heat

SPECIFICATION: Operating voltage range: 10.0~18.0 Volt
Circuit power: Max. 150W
Charge current range: 0.1~7.0A
Discharge current range: 0.1~5.0A
Current drain for balancing Li-po: 300mAh / cell
NiCd / NiMH battery cell count: 1~27 cells
Lithium battery cell count: 1~8 Series
Pb battery voltage: 2 to 36V
Weight: 700 g
Dimensions: 160*120*40 mm

Image 0 of iMax B8 Multifunctional Balance Charger

Image 1 of iMax B8 Multifunctional Balance Charger

Image 2 of iMax B8 Multifunctional Balance Charger

Image 3 of iMax B8 Multifunctional Balance Charger



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