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Vess-Props (email for type & size)

Call or email for type and sizes

The unique shape, design, and size designations of the Vess Propellers did not come about by accident. They are the result of many months of computation, prototyping, and testing. And instead of simply recreating another version of existing designs or following conventional practice, this project began from a 'clean sheet of paper' and proceeded in a direction that was guided by formal engineering analysis. The result is a prop design that truly sets a new standard for performance, efficiency, and noise reduction. Please visit to better understand which prop will work best for your aircraft.

Wood Propellors
Prop Size(s) Price
22A $28.00
22B $28.00
22C $28.00
23A $32.00
23B $32.00
23C $32.00
26A $44.00
26B $44.00
27A $53.00
27B $53.00
27C $53.00
28A $58.00
28B $58.00
32A $80.00
32B $80.00
32C $80.00
32D $80.00

DA/3W Propeller Hub Drill Guides

Drill Guide #1
DA 150, 100 and 85
All 3W engines (except 3W-24 and 3W-240)

Drill Guide #2
DA 170, 100 and 85

Drill Guide #3
DA 50

Image 0 of Vess-Props (email for type & size)

Image 1 of Vess-Props (email for type & size)



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