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Butterfly Electric ARF

Red & orange color only

combo pacakges

A real park/slow flyer and the best choice of beginner and senior pilots.

Wingspan: 47 in (1200 mm)
Length: 30 in (755 mm)
Wing Area: 309.50 sq. in
Flying weight: 17 oz
Motor: CF2822 (optional)
Battery required: 7.4V or 11.1V Li-Po
Prop: SF 96 or 10x4.7
Brushless Controller: 18A (optional)
Radio required: 3 Channels, 2 mini servos
Color: Red and Orange Blue & Yellow not avaliable

CG: 2.4" (60mm) from leading edge.

Control Throw:
Elevator - 30 degree 28mm up and down
Rudder - 30 degree 31.5mm up and down

Optional Lights can be plug in any free channel of your receiver and will keep flashing when power on.
< 5V, 130 mAh, 0.65W

Floats and soft spinner are optional and sell separately.

Image 0 of Butterfly Electric ARF

Image 1 of Butterfly Electric ARF

Image 2 of Butterfly Electric ARF

Image 3 of Butterfly Electric ARF

Image 4 of Butterfly Electric ARF

Image 5 of Butterfly Electric ARF

Image 6 of Butterfly Electric ARF



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