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Ibcinyou r/c > Hacker-Motors / Castle ESC / Himax Motors /Graupner Chargers > B-6 Multi-function Li-Po Balance Charger


B-6 Multi-function Li-Po Balance Charger

NiCad/NiMh Li-Po/Ion

Multi-function Li-Po Balance Charger

Microprocessor controlled high performance multi-functional charger with build-in balancer, comes with a software CD. You can monitor your battery charging on your PC.


Operating Voltage: DC11~18V
Circuit Capacity: charge max 50W, discharge max 5W
Charge Current: 0.1~5A
Discharge Current: 0.1~5A
Current drain for Li-Po balancing: 0.1~1A
NiCad/NiMh Current: 300 mAh/cell
NiCd/NiMH battery: 1~15 cells
Li-Po/Ion battery: 1~6 cells
Pb battery: 2~20V
Weight: 10 oz
Dimensions: 117mm x 85.3mm x 30mm

Image 0 of B-6 Multi-function Li-Po Balance Charger



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