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CRRC pro GF26i V2 26cc Gasoline Aircraft Engine!

Brand Spanking New in box! CRRC pro GF26i V2 26cc Gasoline Aircraft Engine!

Mount, ignition, muffler, sparkplug, manual! All included!

I also carry CRRC Pro GF26i, GF40I, GF50I, & the new GP50R Looks just like the DA50 & DLE55 and the GF55ii twin!

I also have a complete line of brand new replacement parts!

Pitts style mufflers for GF26i, GF40i, GF45i & GF50i,

I also carry the Canister/tuned pipe for the GF26i as well!

Ignition modules, you name it!

Stock Specifications:

Engine Type: Gas
Displacement: 1.587 cu. in.
Cylinders: 1
General Specs:
- 1 cylinder
- Displacement: 1.587 cubic inches
- Bore: 1.339 (in.)
- Stroke In: 1.126 (in.)
- Shaft: Threaded shaft
- Low RPM: 2000
- High RPM: 9500
- 2.400 bhp @ 9000 RPM
- Weight (no muffler): 40.78 oz.

- Giant
- All Purpose

Image 0 of CRRC-PRO GF26i V2

Image 1 of CRRC-PRO GF26i V2

Image 2 of CRRC-PRO GF26i V2



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