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Smart Fly BatShare (2) & Ignition Cutoff (1)

Smart Fly BatShare 2 pack and Ignition Cutoff for single ignitions $105 shipped
Call text or email 314-256-9987 or

The Smart-Fly BatShare enables you to use two battery packs and two switches to provide Dual-Redundant security to your airborne system, just like in full-size aircraft. With the Smart-Fly BatShare, you can tolerate a single failure (open-circuit, short-circuit, low voltage) in either battery pack, or switch, or battery wiring, without losing radio control.

The Smart-Fly BatShare continually monitors both battery packs and switches for the one with the higher voltage, and routes that to your Rx and servos. You may combine different size packs. In practice, with two good packs, the BatShare draws power equally from both packs, adding their individual capacities. I.e., if Battery #1 is a 6V/1350mAH pack, and Battery #2 is a 6V/2700mAH pack, you will have 4050mAH power supply onboard, with at least 1350mAH to fly on, in case of a failure.

The Batshare can be used with battery packs with a minimum voltage of 5.5V up to a maximum voltage of 30V. 4.8V NiCd/NiMH will NOT work with the BatShare.

BatShare Features:

3A continuous current per input (connector limited)
Very Low Voltage Drop, 0.47V @ 6A, 0.55V @ 12A
Visual power indicator (LED)
All 22ga wiring on inputs and outputs
Dual 22ga outputs for minimal voltage drop

The Smart-Fly single-receiver Ignition Cutoff is designed for planes utilizing a single receiver for the flight system. The Ignition Cutoff provides safety and convenience for your gas powered plane. The unit has two modules that are connected by a fiber-optic cable. This isolates your radio system from your ignition system both electrically and physically. The physical separation prevents any inducted noise from getting into your receiver as many of the single unit ignition kills can. The unit works off a toggle switch on your transmitter and requires a separate channel to operate it. The LED on the ignition side is removable and extendable with standard extensions. The LED is not required for the unit to operate properly. This unit is designed only for electronic ignitions and will not work with magneto ignitions.


Optical Isolation
Physical Isolation
Single receiver

Small: 1.65" x .865" x .375"
4.0V to 8.5V operating range
Low Power Consumption
Low weight: 0.3 oz
Universal Connectors, 10"
Compatible with all receivers

Small: 1.65" x .865" x .375"
4.0V to 8.5V operating range
Low Power Consumption
Low weight: 0.3 oz
Universal Connectors, 6"
4A Current Capacity

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